Decision to bring resolution of demands of Tehreek-e-Libek in Parliament before Eid

The uncommon board set up to do the public power’s simultaneousness with Tehreek-e-Libek will similarly hold talks with various get-togethers in such way, sources said.

The public authority decided to bring an objective of the solicitations of Tehreek-e-Libek in the parliament before Eid. As demonstrated by media sources, the public government has decided to bring an objective of the solicitations of Tehreek-e-Libek in the parliament before Eid. This decision was taken in a huge social event drove by Prime Minister Imran Khan. In the get-together, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Federal Interior Minister Sheik Rashid and Minister for Religious Affairs Noor-ul-Haq Qadri moreover went to the social occasion and inspected the technique for executing the plan came to with Tehreek-e-Libek.

It has been represented that an extraordinary block set to execute the public position’s simultaneousness with Tehreek-e-Libek will hold talks with various social occasions in such way.

It may be investigated that the TLP had changed the date of the cutoff time in the wake of settling the issues between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Tehreek-e-Libek Pakistan (TLP). The TLP had loosened up the cutoff time from February to April. “Our gathering is in talks with Tehreek-e-Lubaik Pakistan (TLP). The public authority has concurred with TLP. The TLP has expanded the cutoff time from February 20,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a gathering. After April 20, the solicitations of the TLP will be set in Parliament.

PM Imran Khan said, “I need to tell the TLP and people of my country that no one preceding our organization has taken an undeniable address the brightness of Muhammad. I can readily say that our organization has made it clear on the world stage.” Took a stand I didn’t stand firm on the gloriousness of the Prophet (concordance and enrichments of Allaah show up) for a vote. This is my conviction. In the West, blasphemy against the superbness of the Prophet (concordance and favors of Allaah show up) is masterminded. The issue has been brought again and again up in the OIC and the UN, while other Muslim countries are right now reacting.

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