Hamad Azhar got another important post after the finance minister

PM Imran Khan has reconstituted the Economic Advisory Council. The Finance Minister will be the Deputy Chairman of the Council

Hamad Azhar got another critical post after the Finance Minister, Prime Minister Imran Khan reconstituted the Economic Advisory Council, the Finance Minister will be the Deputy Chairman of the Council.

As demonstrated by nuances, after the reconstitution of the Economic Advisory Council by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Hamad Azhar, who actually took over as Finance Minister, has been given another huge obligation.

It was taught that the Economic Advisory Council reconstituted by the Prime Minister would design ideas for changes for financial dauntlessness and improvement. In such way, sources in the Finance Ministry said that Prime Minister Imran Khan himself will head the Economic Advisory Council, while in his nonattendance, Finance Minister Hamad Azhar will situate the Economic Advisory Council.

Chief Imran Khan will have the post of head of the board while the record minister will have the post of deputy executive. The board will in like manner join pastors for energy, masterminding, public food security and monetary endeavors. The Economic Advisory Council has 12 government people and 13 people from the private zone. Abid Silhari, Arif Habib, Asif Qureshi, Ejaz Nabi, Farooq Rehmatullah, Muhammad Ali Tibba, Dr. Rashid Amjad, Salman Shah, Shaukat Tareen and Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, Sultan Allana, Syed Saleem Raza and others from the private zone have joined the board. Zaid Ali Muhammad is consolidated.

It should be seen that the fundamental individual from this social event is Shaukat Tareen. After the plan of Hamad Azhar as Finance Minister, there were reports that Shaukat Tareen could be chosen as Finance Advisor, anyway he later denied the reports in the media and clarified that he was only a person from the Economic Advisory Council. Will be significant for

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